Cablaggio Del Corpo Della Sirena Online

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Cablaggio Del Corpo Della Sirena Online

If You Thought That Elizabeth Taylor Was A Jewelry Fanatic, Think Again! Mermaid's Impassioned Love For All Things Sparkly Make Them Our Personal Pick For The Most Blinged Out Women On The Planet. They Don't Decorate Themselves In Flashy Rolex Watches, 14K Gold Chains, Or A Fistful Of Diamond Rings; Instead They Use Twinkling Sea Gems To Adorn Their Bodies. Mermaids Fasten Iridescent Amethyst Stones Into Their Hair, Vibrant Opal Pearls Around Their Neck, And Strands Of Crystallized Quartz Around Their Wrists. Apparently, Mermaids Like To Be Just As Radiant As Their Tails!
If You Want To Successfully Transform Into The Beautiful Mythological Creature This Halloween, You're Going To Need To Be As Shiny As Possible. You Have To Glisten From Head To Toe, Girl! Add This Mermaid Body Harness To Your Costume So You Can Make Your Sea Siren Sisters Proud. They Might Be So In Awe Of Your Glitzy Appearance That They'll Grant You The Scaly Fin You've Been Wishing For!