Donna Powerpuff Bubbles Deluxe Costume In Online

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I'm Just As Tough And Strong And Mean As Buttercup And Blossom, But They Just Don't Believe Me. They All Treat Me Like A Baby. I'll Show Them. I'll Prove That I Can Be... Hardcore!
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa Calm Down Bubbles! There's No Reason To Get All Huffy. We Don't Want You To Get Your Pigtails In A Twist; Buttercup, Blossom, And Literally Everyone In Townsville Can't Help But Coddle You. It's Not Because You Aren't One Tough Cookie, It's Because You Are Just. So. Cute!
Being Cute Is Not Up There On Your List Of Priorities When You Have An Entire Town To Save From Mojo Jojo, But That's What Makes You Even Cuter; You Couldn't Give A Hoot About Being Adorable. Just Rest Assured Knowing That You Definitely Have The Best Of Both Worlds. Not Only Are You A Butt-Kicking Superhero Who Repeatedly Saves The People Of Townsville, You're Also The Definition Of Squee-Worthy And We Applaud That!
If You Want To Look Like The Mary Jane-Wearing Preschooler With A Passion For Saving The World, Outfit Yourself In This Women's Deluxe Bubbles Costume. The Powder Blue Dress Features A Full Tulle Skirt And A Stretchy Black Waistband. Add A Pair Of Powerpuff Girls Glasses To The Costume For A Cartoonish Look And Don't Forget To Situate Your Hair Into A Piggy-Tail Style. And If Someone Confuses Your Cuteness For Weakness, Don't Be Afraid To Set Them Straight. Show Them Your Bubblevicious Side And They'll Never Overlook Your Toughness Again!