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People Are Always Thinking That Mermaids Are So Perfect. Yeah, Like They Spend All The Combing Their Hair And Singing Pretty Songs, Forever In Awe Of The Ocean And All Its Wonders. Ha! In Reality, Mermaids Are Kind Of A Nuisance To The Ocean's Creatures. They're Always Hassling The Whales For Long Distance Rides And Trying To Get In Good With The Cool Crowds, Like The Dolphins And The Seals. Truth Be Told, The Ocean Needs A Sea Witch Like You To Keep Those Mermaids In Line.
To Become The Mistress Of The Sea You Need To Have Everything In Place. Cool Octopus Dress? Check. Nasty Eel Henchmen? Check! By The Way, Has A Villain Ever Had Better Sidekicks Than Giant Eels? Yeah, We Didn't Think So. There's Something Missing. . . Oh Yeah! Wicked Black Updo With White Highlights? No! Well, That Just Won't Do, The Sea Witch Lifestyle Is All About The Detail! Don't Worry Though, We Got You Covered With This Sophisticated Wig. All We Want In Return Is Your Voice. Ha! Just Kidding, Those Gold Coins You Filched From That Sunken Ship Will Do.